Positive Adventure




We've made Positive Adventure as easy as possible to play. We want you to enjoy your destination and win!

Begin by pressing the Start Game button. If you have installed the Guide Pack (available in certain apps), this button will be labeled Start GPS Guide.

If you have a Start Game button, after pressing it you will then see the screen shown above. This explains the two ways to play Positive Adventure.

The first way is "Photo". For this option, simply take photos as your tour your destination.  Hey you're probably doing that anyway! The Positive Adventure app briefly looks at your location, and if you are in a game site, you receive a drop down notification telling you how many points you won. If you are not in a game site, the notification tells you where the closest game site it. Just pull down that notification, tap it, and the map shows you where you are in relate to the nearest site. Your GPS is only turned on briefly, and your photo is not uploaded or shared in any way.

The second way is "Follow". If you select this option, just continue on your tour. Any place on the guide that you enter will earn you one or more points. For this option, your GPS stays on, but the app is as stingy as possible with using it. Your location data is never shared. 

With Guide Pack, the game is always played in "Follow" mode because you are using the voice-narrated GPS guide.

Whether you Start Game or Start GPS Guide, when you are finished with your tour, press the big red Stop button. It's available from many places in the app.

After you complete the game, make sure you have an Internet connection. Then save the points. That's it! You are now entered in the contest.

1. There are separate contests for Central Park and Western National Parks. "Western National Parks" means, for example, if you are scoring points in Arches National Park, you are competing against players in Zion National Park.

2. Winners get paid either in cash or Bitcoin -- your choice! To receive cash, you must have a PayPal account. To receive Bitcoin, you'll need to provide us with a Bitcoin address. The amount of Bitcoin awarded will be equivalent to the cash prize at the time the contest ends.

3. Winners are not able to submit points to a new contest for 60 days. To allow a players a chance to win, winning players are not allowed to submit points to a contest for 60 days after winning. Points may still be accumulated in the apps.

4. To learn about the current contest, including prize and end date, just press the big Adventure button on the home screen. You'll need an Internet connection to view the Leaders page in your Positive Adventure app.