Positive Adventure




There are three types of places in which you can earn Adventure points: Sites, Goals, and Challenges. You will receive a notification on your device when you earn one or more points. Your points are listed in the Adventure screen of the app. Unsent points have been recorded in the app, but not yet uploaded to the Positive Adventure game servers. Until points are sent, they do not count towards the current contest.

Place Types

Each type of place is indicated by one of three icons, as explained below. These icons are displayed on the map, and with the site descriptions in the app.



A Site is typically the easiest place to visit. These always earn one point. If you are using the "Follow" game option, and you are on a Drive, you must stay inside the Site for at least 30 seconds to score (a Drive is any section indicated by a car icon). If you are on a Hike, or you are using the "Photo" game option, you earn the point as soon as you are inside the site.


A Goal is typically a very short hike. These earn from 2 to 5 points. Once you reach the Goal, you earn the points. There is no need to remain for 30 seconds.


A Challenge is a longer hike or more difficult drive. These earn more than 5 points as soon as you arrive, and you don't need to remain for 30 seconds.